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A new study shows that in California's 27 national parks, including Yosemite and Joshua Tree National Parks, and other national parks (rumors suggest they could open in June), opening is underway, but not all parks are created equal. The US Forest Service has a long history of closing developed recreational areas, leaving little room for new parks, making them less accessible to the public and less attractive to tourists.

The closures in the Descanso Ranger District forest include Bear Lake, Bear Creek and the Conejo Valley Wilderness Area. The closures include the closed Zev Highland Gorges, including the closure of the C onejos Valley, and the closure of much of Lake El Camino Real. In the forests of the Palomar Rangership District, Frying Pan Canyon, Clovis Canyon Trail, El Cajon Canyon and many other areas in and around the park are closed.

You can enjoy the entertainment options available in Hollywood and Los Angeles, and you can stay at inexpensive campsites during your stay, which is an example of a quieter park with fewer amenities. There are camping options in Thousand Oaks, although you'll need to be on the state's beach for connections.

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At the campsite you can visit the two large river gorges of the park, where there are more than 70 kilometers of hiking trails. These trails include Rancho Sierra Vista, which includes Wendy's Trailhead, and Circle X Ranch, including Sandstone Peak and Mishe Mokwa.

The cities of San Diego, Coronado and Oceanside have taken similar measures, giving the Port of San Diego control of 34 miles of the county's coastline.

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Oak Park has one of the highest ParkScore scores of any city in the state of California, based on the number of parks per 100,000 residents in Oak Park. The nonprofit donates some of its annual revenue ($1.5 million) to urban parks, including 16 in California.

Mountain View RV Park is a clean, quiet place to visit Los Angeles, and it connects with the Conejo Valley at points west and south. The park is located in the mountains of Santa Monica and features a secluded beach overlooking Malibu and the Pacific Ocean, as well as scenic views of the San Gabriel Mountains. Visitors can also reach Malimi's Pacific from Westlake Boulevard, which has been designated Southern California 23.

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